Summer Road Trip – Going East

Life caught up with Tom and I after we came back from our summer road trip. Work piled up and all of my good intentions to share our adventures were delayed further and further until now I’ve thrown my hands up and said good enough. Here are a few photos we thought were worth sharing.

Goats in Camp

We had dozens of mountain goats in our camp several mornings. The baby goats would run around and play, kicking up dust and antagonizing the older goats who stomped around near our tents. Watch the video to see them run around.

(Drag Around the Video to See the Goats)

Mining for Treasure

Out in the basin we found two open pit mines with large pristine calcite crystals over coal at the entrances. We had fun breaking open some rocks to take home with us.

The Little Things

Being in the wilderness surrounded by mountains and giant forests can make you forget about the small things lurking beneath the trees. Here are some of my favorite ‘little things’ we saw in the Chicago Basin.

Leaving the Basin

After several days, we packed up our bags and headed back to the train. It wasn’t the first time I’ve hopped on a train with a full backpack, but it was definitely the sorest time. I’ve never seen Tom so happy to sit down.

Mesa Verde

On our way from Durango to Telluride, we stopped at Mesa Verde. We had fun learning about the area while Tom nerded out about “origins of architecture in society”.


We camped near Telluride for our last couple of nights before heading home. We went into town to ride the gondolas, observe the wealth, and eat some Thai. Our campsite had great views of the sunsets, along with some friendly dogs that visited us from a nearby parked van.


Our last stop on the drive home was the Gunnison River. We sat and overlooked the canyon for a while, watching some vultures land on the cliffs and scuffle. Later in town, we stopped at a killer Jamaican restaurant for lunch.

A Final Reminder from the Road

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  1. September 8, 2022

    That header photo is awesome with the tent and Tom peeking out to get a 360 with his porcupine hat on top the tent!
    Also an awesome shot of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, that’s way better than anything I got when we visited there. I think my shots are from that exact location and are nowhere close to that quality. It’s a tough place to capture properly, and you did an excellent job on that photo!

  2. September 8, 2022

    And both the rabbit and mushroom photos are pretty amazing. Good subject matter, framing, exposure, and post. Love ’em.

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