Springing Forward

” Time is a created thing. ” – Lao Tzu

Daylight Savings always leaves me tired. We are extra tired this week after spending the weekend snowshoeing around RMNP.

Snow and wind immediately hit us in the trailhead parking lot on Saturday morning. The weather quickly turned to bright sunshine as we turned around the trail. The deep powdery snow near Bierstadt Lake was a stark contrast to the drier, pine-needle-covered slopes we encountered near Lumpy Ridge the following day.

Even though we lost an hour this week, we made the most of every hour that we had! Hopefully, you did too.

Longs Peak

Blue skies and puffy clouds dominated the afternoon at Bierstadt Lake.

Dug Out

We had lunch a few feet deep in the snow, thanks to the hard work of these two.

Self Reflection

The views on the ice were as great looking inward as they were outward.

Bierstadt Lake

The views around the lake were truly panoramic.

(Polar) Bear Lake

The snow and wind at Bear Lake were eerily spectacular.

Million Dollar Shack

This shack probably costs more than our house.


It was hard to find solid footing while climbing up the granite of Lumpy Ridge.

The Front Range

We had a beautiful view of MacGregor Ranch below and the snow-capped Front Range above.

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  1. Old Geezer
    March 15, 2022

    That looks like fun!!! You crazy kids must be exhausted after playing that hard all weekend.

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