Snow Camping in Clear Creek Canyon

” The day is for honest men, the night for thieves. ” – Euripides

We left the warm sunshine of Denver Friday evening to drive into the deep dark of the Sawatch Range, and pitch our tents in the snow. The cold 15°F nights made me appreciate the morning sun. But when we left our safe sleeping bags to get started on breakfast, we realized things were not as quiet and peaceful as they seemed. We were surrounded by bacon bandits.

After warding off the Canada Jays (who stole bacon as we cooked it, tried to get into our tent, and tried to steal things while we slept), we set off through the snow to follow Clear Creek. Along the way, we sat in the warm sun listening the creek, while looking at the banks of snow on Granite Mountain.

My toes have not been that cold in a long time. I think it might be time for more winter gear!

We’re Being Watched

We woke up feeling as though we were being watched.

Tom Brings the Bacon

Tom started the morning with a bacon and egg skillet that was delicious.

Bacon Thief

We quickly learned why we were being watched. These thieves stole our bacon as it was cooking.

Headed Out

After breakfast we hit the snowy trail.

Adventure Time

Once we hit the sun, the snow disappeared and mountains came into view.

Clear Creek

We followed Clear Creek as we got closer to our destination.

Twist and Turn

Clear Creek was very twisty and we had fun following it back and forth.

Granite Mountain

We stopped multiple times to sit and look at Granite Mountain and listen to the creek.


After heading back to camp, we enjoyed a nice fire and watched the sunset.

Twin Lakes

We stopped at Twin Lakes before heading home, enjoying a nice Sunday morning walk.

Eye of the Storm

A large storm front was rolling up the mountains as we headed back to the comfort of home.

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