Rocky Mountain National Park

” Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt. ” – John Muir


A year and a half of hiding in a little concrete box will do things to you. Living in the heart of a major city during quarantine doesn’t offer much opportunity to go outside. When given our chance to escape to the mountains, we took it.

A month in advance, we hopped online for our timed-entry tickets to the park. Like booking a concert, we furiously hit the refresh button over and over until we got our chance to get in.

The park didn’t disappoint and was a great place to acclimate for our next adventure!

Hidden Pond

An off-the-path pond headed towards Dream Lake gave my favorite view of Hallett Peak.

A Couple of Hikers

We had someone quickly take our picture before running off down the trail.

Quiet Elk

Nestled in the trees was a quiet elk munching on flowers.

Chapin Pass

Heading over the tree line to Chapin Pass. 

Fat Marmot

We saw a lot of Marmots on the trail, but this one was the fattest.

Bursts of Sunshine

The sunrays kept peeking in and out over the mountains.

Curious Chipmunk

The minute we opened the trail mix, we were swarmed by chipmunks who were used to being fed. They tried to self-serve a buffet, but we saved our cashews for ourselves.



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