Ring Around the Rockies

Do you have any fun summer road trips planned? We went on a road trip loop around Rocky Mountain National Park, through river plains, wildfire burn, and snowy mountain tops. Plenty of critters came out to say hello. Some kept their distance, while others came up for a closer look, ready for their moment to shine.

We ended the day on the sunny docks of Grand Lake, where we watched the small boats bob by in the warm breeze. The sparkling water and sunshine were a serene way to end the day.

Colorado River

This side of the Colorado River is wide and meandering.

New Life

Elk grazing in the lush grass beneath wildfire burn.

Mountain Top

Snow is still clinging to the mountains and alpine lakes.

I Spy

This marmot was playing hide and seek in the mountains.

Camp Robber

This bird sits atop his prize: a stolen hot dog bun.

Pit Stop

Grand Lake was full of sunshine and smiles.

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  1. Old Geezer
    June 22, 2022

    That Colorado River photo is amazing – excellent layers and good job leading the eye through the photo.

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