Moving Madness: Made It

” The Mountains are calling and I must go. ” – Me every 30 seconds of our two day drive.

After spending weeks boxing up all of our possessions, we spent a few more hours loading up a Penske and began the 1000 mile journey to our new home. Having the car loaded with cats and fish, it felt like transporting a small zoo. The 5 gallon Lowes bucket with all of the fish made it in one piece.

The endless miles of flat grasslands and cattle ranches were only interrupted by gas station pitstops and a motel stay made somewhat entertaining by the cats, who were (and are still) very confused.

A beautiful sunset greeted us as we made our final approach into Denver. The morning sunshine brought out all of the bright colors of the fall leaves. The relentless sun and blue sky were perfect for a couple of walks in the nearby parks. It’s hard to not go outside and take a walk when you look at that view.

We still have some things to shuffle around and settle in, but it is starting to look like home.


There was no point in living once the heated bed was packed away.

Gotta Go

It’s time to get moving. The truck was here and ready to go.

A Healthy Breakfast

Nothing like eating Mcdonalds for breakfast in a Tractor Supply parking lot.

Landi Sunbathing

Landi appreciated the warm sun as Tom turned on the AC.

A Warm Welcome

Colorado offered us a fiery sunset as a welcome home.


This felt familiar. It seemed easier coming out than going in though?

Box Mountain

Box mountain just moved from one house to the other. The kitties have summited it numerous times.

Some Assembly Required

The first thing we needed to do was get some furniture to sit on for dinner!


A Walk in the Park

We took a short walk in a park just down the road.

Our New Home

Another park right down the road offered some nice views.


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  1. Gerry Johnston
    October 25, 2021

    Beautiful sunset!
    Hope things are going as well as expected.
    I am not sure about your help in the kitchen putting things together.
    Best of everything.

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