Mount Falcon Park

” Life is all a memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quick you hardly catch it going. ” – ‘Tennessee Williams’

After waking up to a balmy 37°F, we grabbed our sweaters and headed for the hills! The past few days saw some dreary weather as rain set in, and we were eager to get back out in the sun. We drove the short, 30+ minute drive to Mount Falcon Park, a free, local open space with a ‘castle’ ruin and some scenic views.

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning.

Quiet Time

Tom takes some time to reflect on our new Saturday morning possibilities.

The Geologist Is In

Shelby has fun exploring all the new rocks just out the backdoor.

Our New Backyard

Taking in the view of our new backyard. There is so much to explore!

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  1. Old Geezer
    November 6, 2021

    Very nice! How many rocks did Tom get stuck carrying back to the car?

    • Shelby
      November 6, 2021

      I told him I would let him build up some stamina first :p

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