Merry Christmas from Shelby and Tom

” Your gift isn’t wrapped. ” – Me and Tom.

This year we spent Christmas in the mountains. The time alone and mountain scenery were refreshing compared to the seemingly endless Christmas songs and Hallmark movies everywhere else.

We picked up a frozen pizza, enjoyed our favorite Christmas movie… Die Hard, and sat by a cozy fire. Not a bad way to spend the weekend. Don’t worry. The kitties had their own share of presents and cheer.

Tent Kitty

This cool cat got her own tiny tent for christmas.


All of the nearby rocks were adorned with little icicles.

Santa’s Elk

We saw several elk on standby this weekend in case the reindeer couldn’t make it.

Winter Wonderland

We walked through an enchanted winter forest.

Dream Lake

Dream Lake was covered in snow.

Christmas Cheer

We were all smiles out in the snow.

Check out Dream Lake

O’ Christmas Tree

There was no shortage of natural Christmas Trees.

Fire Dancers

We warmed up by a cozy fire full of dancing flames.

Pizza and Die Hard

No further explanation necessary.

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  1. Gerry
    December 26, 2021

    Your love for the outdoors is shown thru the beautiful pictures.

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