Memorial Day Weekend – Juniper Pass

What are you doing this weekend? It seems like half the city has packed up the tents they use once a year and headed for campsites. We decided not to battle the loud families, stuck vehicles that thought they could, and other bad weekend decisions.

Instead, we sat by the side of an empty road watching the sunset over the Mt. Evans Wilderness. We waved as a few confused cars drove by. Maybe they were jealous of our great idea. Maybe they thought that sitting with our sandals in the snow seemed like just another bad weekend decision. I guess we’ll never know.


These desert bighorn sheep were busy licking the road on our way up the mountain.


Sitting on the mountainside brings out all the smiles.

See the Vista

Mountain Green

The pine trees have finally greened up in the Mt. Evans Wilderness.


Not another soul in sight.

See Our Sunset Spot

Evening Color

The mountain colors began to change to a golden haze as the sun finally set.


We watched the sun just as it began to hide behind the mountains.


The mountains turn a deep blue as the final rays of light fade and the sun dips below the peak.

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  1. Nice photos, and great find! I never even heard of Juniper Pass until now.
    Does that say ‘Rich’ in the snow under the snow under the Sunset Spot 360 shot? A hidden easter egg?

    • Shelby
      May 29, 2022

      It does! There were other names and dates that are hard to see/read. We clearly weren’t the first people sitting by the side of the road 😀

  2. Gerry
    May 30, 2022

    I love the sunset pictures.

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