Indian Peaks Wilderness

” There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. ” – Beverly Sills

Something is freeing about leaving the concrete jungle to bask in the mountain sunshine and breathe in the fresh air. No phone. No email. Just the sound of the wind in the trees. We spent our days on the move, taking in the mountains. We watched the bees moving from flower to flower with us against the wind.

The hike up Pawnee Pass was slow. Coming from sea level to elevation is always hard. But the views were worth it!

On Our Way

The car is gone, so it’s too late to turn around now.

Lake Isabelle

The destination for many on the trail.

Uphill From Here

One last smile before it all goes uphill.

Mountain in Bloom

Fields of flowers greeted us on our way down to Pawnee Lake.

Hidden Faces

The mountain was watching over us as we climbed down Pawnee Pass.

Nestled In

We had Pawnee Lake all to ourselves!

We Came From Where?

Sitting at the lake, it was hard to imagine we came from all the way up there.

Just Like the Picture

When we sat down for dinner, I said “Hey, wait a minute!” That’s where we were headed: Lone Eagle Peak.

Wild Raspberries

These wild raspberries were enough motivation to keep us going until we reached camp.

Cascade Creek

This roaring waterfall next to our last campsite made it easy to sleep!

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