“Sometimes, nature is all you need.” – Shikoba

What a beautiful day to be outside. It has gotten warm! Life has errupted from every nook and cranny of the yard. Our door has been visited by the resident garter snake more frequently and our first strawberries are already turning red.

Out on the trail, new flowers have replaced the old ones. Butterflies are swarming. Giant silken webs of caterpillars have lined the bushes. Single caterpillars are emerging from small holes in the webs to dance. There are more bird songs in the air…probably waiting to eat the caterpillars. We can still see quite a few stalks of old flowers that haven’t bloomed yet. More to come!

All downhill from here

It was a beautiful day for cyclists to race down the road.

Star Lily

Leucocrinum Montanum

Western Tent Caterpillars

Emerging from a bundled nest of webbing.

Lone Escapee

This Western Tent Caterpillar braved the outside of his web.

Black Hole

This web formed a perfect circle.


Tom taking a break from the heat.

Golden Banner

Thermopsis montana

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