Eldorado Springs

” The biggest wall you’ve got to climb is the one you build in your mind. “

The road to Eldorado is quite muddy, actually. At least, the road to Eldorado Springs is, and that is where we found ourselves this beautiful, sunny weekend. As we drove into the canyon, teams of rock climbers, ready for their next adventure swarmed the narrow road lugging their gear with them.

The canyon walls were dotted with climbers who were just big enough to see if you looked carefully. Tom and I were not there to climb though. We were just there to enjoy a nice walk in the park.

The climbers were a fun spectacle to watch. We spent our lunch looking at muddy trace fossils littered across the ground.


These climbers had a long way to go up the walls of Eldorado Canyon.

Happy Trails

Everyone was smiling on this beautiful sunny day.


This Dakota Hogback sandstone made a nice contrast on the landscape.

Check out our Lunch Views


Shelby scoots down the side of this canyon wall.

Eldorado Canyon

There was no gold. We looked.


These walls in Eldorado Canyon were covered in climbers throughout the day.

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