Don’t Forget the Clown Shoes

” No one is going to stand up at your funeral and say ‘she had a really expensive couch and great shoes’. “

Unless those shoes are snowshoes, maybe. Tom and I headed up to RMNP this weekend to test out our new snowshoes so that we could learn to fall down with style.

We quickly learned that snowshoeing is hard on your legs! Our sore joints were soothed with a hot tub and lots of muffins and pretzels (probably more than we needed). We had lots of wildlife visitors in the form of deer and turkey.

The next day, we decided to ditch the snowshoes and do an easy hike up a nearby park road. The deep snow and strong wind didn’t stop us from eventually getting up the road and enjoying a well deserved lunch.


This looks like a Colorado tourism postcard shot!

See Our Hike

Homeward Bound

The last legs on our successful first snowshoe trip!

Gobble Gobble

The next morning, wild turkeys came around looking for handouts.

On the Road

We headed out to Trail Ridge Road. Some parts of the road had deep snow, which kept it pretty empty.


Fresh pretzels and lots of snacks for lunch!

Rainbow Curve

This was a great place to sit and enjoy the view.

Many Parks Curve Overlook

The sun was casting deep shadows along the overlook, which was crowded with tourists.

Mule Deer

We had friends come to visit while we sat in the hot tub, tending to our sore joints.

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