City Lights Ridge

Spring is slowly emerging in the city. Little buds and leaves are sprouting in the bushes and trees; speckles of green in an otherwise brown landscape.

We have been occupied by projects at home, so it was nice to get outside this weekend. Up in the mountains, snow is still clinging to the shaded slopes and creek beds. But the pine trees are greening up. Flowers are coming. Once they bloom, we’ll be on the hunt.

Until then, we’ll be tending to our houseplants and filling the birdfeeder, hoping that a chickadee or two come to visit.


The snow is melting and the trails are slowly greening up.

The Fort

We found this fort on the way to City Lights Ridge.


Shelby hunkers down in the trail fort for a break.


Shelby climbs this daunting rock wall, trying to reach the top of the trail.


Not really.

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