Chilling on the Rocks

” It is a happy talent to know how to play. ” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

We’ve had the luxury of a few snowflake falls, bringing extra fun and lots of slippery stairs. The blazing sun is making quick work of what snow is left and it will all be gone in a few days. We headed out to our local parks every day to watch the kids playing on their sleds. We watched many happy dogs tromping around in the snow, with a few dismayed owners who had lost a toy or two in the snow.

This weekend we headed to Red Rock Amphitheater and Park to enjoy a nice lunch and some time in the sun. Even when we don’t get far away from the bustle of the suburbs, the foothills give us their best show. It isn’t hard to find good views out here!

We saw plenty of happy snowmen, but I think their days are numbered.

Urban Trails

We found plenty of structures and road crossings here.

Miniature Snowman

Everyone tried to enjoy the sprinkle of snow.

Check Out the Rocks

Trail Trash

We found lots of trash on the trail. Some of it had traveled all the way from Texas to get here.

Bird’s Eye View

A nice view from the Trading Post.

Check Out the Amphitheater

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