A Little Bird Told Me

Spring is certainly here. Despite it snowing just a week or so ago, the sun is out, the leaves have sprung, and the birds are singing. We went up to a nearby park to see the local nesting Cormorants. But we stayed longer than we intended watching all of the other little birds throughout the park.

We saw a handful of people in a birdwatching club walking around the lake decks looking for waterbirds. It was such a beautiful day for birdwatching. We spent the rest of the day outside, soaking up the sun and planting little cucumbers and broccoli.


There is an island in the middle of this lake with several large trees that double-breasted cormorants nest in each spring. Right now they are collecting branches and making their nests for the noisy chicks that will emerge later.

Red-Winged Blackbirds

The thistle and cattails near the park’s streams were filled with red-winged blackbirds, chirping and competing for attention.

Sleepy Goose

This is the first baby goose we’ve seen this year.

American Avocets

A particular treat this weekend was seeing these American Avocets. They danced and courted while wading around the water, with their bright red heads bobbing across the lake.

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